14 October 2011

Mind-Blowing FIAT 500 Cinquone Stradale by 'Romeo Ferraris'

 300+ hp! 
500 Cinquone 'Stradale' and 'Corsa'

How did this thing get so radical, you ask? Well, the Italian aftermarket tuner behind this monster -'Romeo Ferraris'- already produce (above) a track-ready, full-race 500 for Europe (itself based on 500 Abarth)....and this new 500 Cinquone Stradale ('street' in Italian: usually to denote thinly-veiled race cars homologated for racing via limited public offering) is indeed a street-legal version of the same car. Details are yet to be released, but the performance will be sure to put you back in your (Recaro race) seat:

So it's a (2 seat) race car... and a pretty radical one at that: packing just 1.4 liters of FIAT 4 cylinder 16v engine, the reported 300+ hp it produces represents triple the standard version of the engine... and that 100hp is no slug, not in the 500. The Cinquone Stradale includes features such as full roll cage, racing seats/harnesses- even two helmets in the back.

Add plenty of race-style trim -including a stunning interior- and you've not only got something you won't see on every corner, but a car that can blow the doors off pretty much everything on your block. What a shame they'll never make it to the States...

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