05 September 2011

All-New 2012 FIAT Panda: Official Pics

The best supermini out there -and the platform on which the FIAT 500 was built- has been remade from the ground-up, and it looks like Italy's perennial top seller is set for quite a sales spike when the car hits showrooms this coming winter. 

Although the model has been built in Poland for years, this all-new version will in fact be produced back in Italy, at a highly automated factory in near Naples.... love the squared dials/styling theme inside:

While the car is small, the room is simply amazing... I rented the prior version in Greece and was just blown-away by the space, comfort, refinement, and performance -even with 60hp!- not to mention over 50mpg on gasoline, nice.  Perhaps you'd never think such an econobox could be so much fun... unless you're already familiar with FIAT's past efforts. I can only imagine how such an improved Panda will be like, as was almost perfect for an under-$10,000 car already- it does look better, I'll say that:

Click this one to enlarge to mega-size:

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