16 February 2011

FIAT 500 Abarth DA 0 A 100

"0 a 100" arrives in just 7.3 seconds...
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Surely no paucity of FIAT 500 special editions out there in the world today, emanating from both the factory and after-market. But the limited-edition 500 below is actually all-of-the-above: modified by long-time FIAT tuner Abarth, which itself is owned by FIAT these days. And this one is special indeed... built to honor the 100th anniversary of founder Carlo Abarth's birth...

Only 101 units of the 500 Abarth DA 0 A 100 were produced, and besides the obvious collectability, it's a really nice-looking package loaded with well-executed upgrades... the wholly rich and tasteful treatment would be mighty hard to improve upon to my eyes.

Power comes in the form of an Abarth-modified 1.4-liter FIAT "T-Jet" turbo, which brings the Italian minicar 160hp @ 5750rpm /170 ft/lbs torque @ 3000rpm. Add that impressive power to the special transmission ratios and you'll see 100 km/h (62 mph) in 7.3 sec. This setup works well on the top-end as well,  with the diminutive FIAT 500/Abarth DA 0 A 100 hitting 130+ mph.

With that kind of velocity, Abarth engineers saw fit to add drilled front discs front and rear with upgraded pads, along with BMC filtration, cut springs, and really sharp 17″ alloy wheels wearing Pirelli PZero Nero 205/40 R16 ZR 17 tires. The car only comes in Nuvolari Grey paint with stripes and chrome ID plates, rear-view mirrors, and quad exhaust tips.Inside you'll find special leather seats in a "hide" finish with unusual silver stitching with matching touches throughout... fabulous:

Shame they've all been sold and gone already... but Abarth keeps rolling out new ones all the time...

Other Abarth-modified FIAT 500's include:

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