17 February 2011

Killer Shell Commercial... Starring Ferrari

Here's a cool Shell commercial produced for the European market: ostensibly the Ferrari F1 racing team sponsor is selling gasoline here, but the historic Ferrari racing cars steal the show...

Scuderia Ferrari actually pulled several near-priceless Formula One veterans out of storage and flew them around the world to film them running hard through the streets of Rome , Rio , New York , Hong Kong and Monaco. 

And there are no special effects or dubbed sound here, just original 14,000+rpm cars tearing up the streets... as the genuine audio will attest. Do put on your headphones and/or crank the volume and enjoy that symphony of cylinders.

The sounds alone should bring a tear to the eye... 
a video that stirs the soul:

Scuderia Ferrari   Shell   YouTube   F1   h/t Speedunque

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  1. Fantastic- what a rush!

  2. that is great noise!


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