11 February 2011

FIAT 500 'Convertible Sassicaia' by Aznom

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Here's something different...  

As FIAT rolls out numerous special edition 500's throughout the world, the aftermarket modifiers aren't far behind.  Now Aznom -an Italian company that designs and manufactures various products including leather goods, furniture and occasionally special-edition, modified cars- has developed an absolutely lovely take on the 500C .... the Convertible Sassicaia.

Named after one of Italy's famed red wines, the FIAT 500 Convertible Sassicaia features a series of unique styling touches and materials throughout, and it really came together nicely.

The two-tone beige paint scheme looks quite rich, finished with surprising real wood touches on mirrors, rear handle, and side badges. The car also features some real sharp alloy wheels and top-drawer factory trim items such as chrome accents on the bumpers.

Aznom applies still more wood inside, while you'll find glove-soft leather with the Aznom company logos on the seats, door trim panels, steering wheel, and console. The car also comes with a set of leather bags made to match the interior of the Sassicaia.

And of course, only a limited number of units of the Fiat 500 Convertible Sassicaia will be produced... all based on completely loaded factory 500C's.

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