22 November 2010

American-Market FIAT 500 Makes Debut at LA International Auto Show (video)

$15,500...     101 HP...   and 40+ mpg!

Italian automaker FIAT is returning to the U.S. market and taking aim at the Mini Cooper, saying Wednesday its peppy Fiat 500 subcompact will cost $15,500 - almost $5,000 less than the Mini -when it arrives here next month.

Fiat also named 130 U.S. dealers who will initially sell the car in 39 states. Fiat, which took over management of Chrysler Group last year, gave Chrysler dealers first dibs on the franchises but required them to set up separate sales and service areas for a more European boutique feel.

The 2012 Fiat 500, a three-door hatchback with rounded styling that evokes the original 500 from 1957, will be Fiat's first vehicle in the U.S. since it pulled out of the market in 1983 because of rust problems and other quality issues. The company unveiled the North American version of the 500 at the Los Angeles Auto Show Wednesday.

A convertible version of the 500 will come to the U.S. next year, with electric and high-performance versions the following year. A four-door version also is planned.

The 500 has been popular in Europe since it went on sale in 2007, and the North American version will have many of its characteristics, including a manual transmission option and a wide variety of colors and accessories for personalization. But it's also tailored for U.S. tastes, with upgraded heating and cooling systems, a quieter interior, cushier seats and a bigger fuel tank.

The North American 500 also has Fiat's new, 1.4-liter, four-cylinder Multiair engine, which improves fuel economy and emissions by controlling air intake...

FIAT's advanced MultiAir engines explained -here-

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  1. Looks good, nice upgrades for the US market, plenty of power, and $5000 less than Mini, can't miss imo

  2. That was really gorgeous. This Fiat 500 looks awesome. The style, the color and the overall appearance was really great. It was the coolest car I’ve ever seen. I’m sure you will love this car as much as I do.


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