18 July 2010

Early, Special-Edition Car Marks US Market Return: FIAT 500 Prima Edizione

Initial production of FIAT 500 Prima Edizione 
for US market targeted at FIAT enthusiasts...

FIAT 500 Prima Edizione
American FIAT fans and collectors at the yearly FLU (FIAT-Lancia Unl'td) gathering were more than a little surprised by the unscheduled appearance of FIAT North America's head executive at their closing dinner... and she had something BIG to unveil regarding the how plans for how  FIAT returns to the US market...

To their delight, the American FIAT club members were offered first dibs on reservations and selection their vehicle build number for a unique FIAT 500 Prima Edizione (First Edition) model. A total of 500 of these collector-edition models will be sold in the US- a sporty, stick-shift version only available in white, grey, or red.

“The FIAT 500 Prima Edizione was developed especially with the FIAT fans in mind,” said Laura Soave, Head of FIAT North America, “For over a quarter of a century, the members of this Club have kept the spirit of the FIAT and Lancia brands alive in North America through their unique and passionate support for true Italian design. We really value their loyalty, and the FIAT 500 Prima Edizione is our gift of appreciation to these fans on behalf of Fiat North America.”

FIAT will also offer other enthusiasts the opportunity to reserve their FIAT 500 Prima Edizione, (max 500 units), via a special website that will be made available in the following months at the company's US re-introduction website, www.ciaofiat.com

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