22 March 2010

Electric FIAT 500 for US by 2012

Chrysler today announced that the company plans to market an electric version of the FIAT 500 in the US by 2012, using a powertrain engineered by Chrysler in the United States.

The powertrain will feature a lithium ion battery connected with an electric-vehicle control unit to manage flow of power to the engine. Every part of the vehicles, except the powertrain, will be assembled in Toluca, Mexico, whereChrysler is launching gasoline-engine versions of the Fiat 500 later this year. The battery is developed by A123 Systems of Watertown, Mass. Location of the powertrain production has not been determined.

Chrysler is not discussing the 500EV’s driving range or how far an owner can drive it between recharging. Scott Kunselman, Chrysler senior vice president of engineering, said the project is an example of the benefits the Chrysler-Fiat alliance is already generating...

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