13 April 2010

Marchionne: Peugeot Could Be Next Partner

The CEO of FIAT and Chrysler Sergio Marchionne said yesterday that French auto maker Peugeot should be the next one to seek a merger... and alliance which would clearly interest him. And a FIAT Peugeot merger would make a lot of sense for both companies... including the Chrysler side of the equation.

The Peugeot family retains 46% of company voting rights, and stresses independence for the most part- this scuttled past deals attempted to join with FIAT.  But an alliance could be established on a number of different levels- especially purchasing and some engineering. Marchionne was speaking at the unveiling of the new Alfa-Romeo Giulietta.

I myself am a big fan of Peugeot... really my favorite non-Italian brand.  Above pictures are of the company's latest show-car Concept Five... very nice.  Reuters 

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