27 April 2010

2011 FIAT Uno

1983 FIAT Uno
The supermini that almost single-handedly changed small car design in the 80s -the FIAT Uno- will be making a comeback soon, slotted between the Panda and Punto Evo worldwide.  Thie 2011 Novo Uno will replace the 2nd generation Punto in production throughout the world and other old-platform Uno models that were still being built in South America up until now.

The original 1983 FIAT Uno's tall, high-seat boxy -yet highly aerodynamic- design by famed stylist Giugiaro took the small car world in 1983, and the 2011 FIAT Uno breaks plenty of ground with an unique, practical "urban warrior" look too.  The new car will be built at FIAT's new facilities announced in Serbia last fall, and by the Brazilian arm of the company as well-  an official unveiling will be covered here in early May.

Pretty doubtful this one will make it to the US- kinda wild for this market, and we really don't have this segment here... but it does grow on you... maybe as a small Dodge?  Or even Jeep...? You just never know with Marchionne...



  1. Hmm...I've been checking out some fiats as mine's getting old. Not really liking the uno, although the rest of their small cars look pretty good.

  2. Italian Kia Soul?

  3. I could see that

    I've been driving FIATs for some time now too, Tom- not easy in America, you know lol


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