06 January 2010

FIAT 500 Electric Concept Details Emerge

Later this week, FIAT-Chrysler will unveil their Fiat 500 electric concept at the 2010 Detroit Auto Show. The car -which boasts a range of 150 mi. on a plug-in charge- is not currently slated for production, or if it is, FIAT isn't saying anything just yet...

According to AutoExpress, the Fiat 500 electric soon to be shown at the Detroit auto show will have a more than 5,000 lithium-ion battery cells. It will travel a total of 150 miles on a single charge thanks to a regenerative braking system and new aerodynamic updates. Recharging from a standard household socket is reported to require cca. 10 hours time.

While the power pack has the car weighing more than a similar gasoline or diesel version of the 500, still 0-60 mph times of about 10 seconds and a maximum velocity of 90 mph are respectable.

More details here at
Fiat Returns following the show...

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