08 October 2009

FIAT's New Chrysler Brand: Premium Luxury

Might this mean the return of the Imperial? Perhaps styled by FIAT's newest aquisition... Carrosserie Bertone?

It may surprise some to hear that FIAT has ambitious plans for Chrysler.
"FIAT plans to market Chrysler as a serious luxury brand in the U.S." Chrysler brand-CEO Peter Fong told the Automotive News, Fong said that he sees the company’s flagship line as “a notch above Lincoln, a notch above Cadillac”.
FIAT SpA and Chrysler Group CEO Sergio Marchionne reorganized Chrysler along brand lines after Chrysler emerged from Chapter 11 reorganization June 10.

Michael Manley, CEO of the Jeep brand and head of product planning for all the brands, asserted that while FIAT technology and platforms will be part of the plan, “FIAT DNA” won’t be seen in its brands. Mr Manley also said that there exists a plan to “separate Dodge from Chrysler more clearly and take Chrysler into a more luxurious position.”

With Chrylser moved upscale, Dodge will be more focused on delivering a sporty driving experience- with little change to the Jeep brand's positioning and image.

Chrysler/FIAT will release a future product plan early next month- looks like there might be a few interesting surprises...

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