15 September 2009

Chrysler To Unveil Product Strategy In November

The Wall Street Journal reports that FIAT-Chrysler will be releasing their joint product plan in mid-November.
Fiat is integrating the U.S. automaker into its global design and marketing strategy after acquiring a 20% stake as part of Chrysler's emergence from bankruptcy protection.
The Italian group has shaken up Chrysler's senior management, with executives clocking seven-day work weeks at its Auburn Hills, Mich., headquarters.
Executives said production processes are being streamlined, and the company is also seeking to revitalize what was viewed as a tired product line-up through quick decision making.
"In meetings we make more decisions that are off the agenda then we do on the agenda because we have everyone right there in the room," Michael Accavitti, chief executive of the Dodge brand said on the sidelines of the biannual Frankfurt Auto Show Tuesday.
"There are no vice chairmen that need to get with someone else after the meeting. A decision is made and that's it."
Fiat Chief Executive Sergio Marchionne took control of Chrysler's daily operations, and he has swiftly eliminated once unproductive partnerships and created separate brand CEO positions for the first time.
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