10 August 2009

FIAT Brings Advanced MultiAir Technology to Chrysler Engines

cars in the US market will likely soon be built with FIAT’s unique Multiair technology, which FIAT claims is so advanced that competitors will take at least 2 years to catch up. This technology gets more power out of smaller, less expensive engines.

That’s what makes it so advantageous from a cost perspective... it's basically what you could call a "bolt-on". Retrofitting the Multiair valve system to an existing engine is also surprisingly easy, making Chrysler all the more adamant to using it.

Stated simply, the system is an electronically controlled valvetrain that enables more efficient and dynamic control of the air coming into the engine. This improves efficiency for a given displacement and load, and reduces emissions.

Aside from that, power gains of up to 10% are expected. Fiat says the software that controls the intake valve events and how they change dependent upon driving conditions is quite complex, giving it an edge that other manufacturers are far from deploying at this point... just the sort of competitive advantage in the US market that FIAT CEO Sergio Marchionne pledged when negotiating the merger...


  1. First off.. I want to congratulate the person who owns this car! It is really quite the beauty.. I myself would love to drive this car everyday since it is a car I had back in the day. It's vicious, it sounds like a monster, and most of all.. It's a masterpiece that can never be forgotten! But you see, as I got older it's funny how my choice of muscle car transitioned to the more elegant/luxurious modern day vehicle. I mean, I guess as we get older of course more things begin to make sense, like safety in a car, better sound quality, and an overall better rating for a vehicle! Well, enjoy and don't forget to Buckle-Up!

  2. Thanks for sharing. Like always, on the money and right on quarry!


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