26 July 2009

Ferrari Tuner Novitec Makes 500 a Giant Killer

The new Fiat 500 may be European Car of the Year, but Novitec can always find a way to improve on things like performance and exclusivity when it comes to Alfa Romeo, Ferrari and of course Fiat.

The 1.4 liter 16-valve petrol engine receives a supercharger, boosting its output to 131 hp / 96.4 kW while torque increases from 131 Nm to 172 Nm. The nimble little engine can propel the Fiat 500 from 0 to 100 km/h in just 8.8 seconds while its top speed is 198 km/h (123mph).
Novitec also offers a stainless steel exhaust with either one or two exhaust tips, a front apron with spoiler and additional air dams and 16 or 17 inch multi-spoke wheels (up to 215/35 R 17 for front and rear) with matching suspension modifications. There are two option in regards to the suspension, either sport springs in combination with the production shock absorbers or a height-adjustable coil-over sport suspension set which can lower the car from 30 mm to 80mm.

Source: Novitec

Novitec Rosso, located in Stetten Germany, is a famed tuner of Ferrari and other fine Italian cars

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